• Humanist Naming Ceremony Naming Ceremonies
    Wonderful, warm and joyous occasions, when parents pledge their love and commitment for their child.
  • Humanist Wedding Ceremony Wedding Ceremonies
    In a beautiful garden, a bluebell wood or even at home humanist weddings can take place anywhere the couple choose.

Humanist Wedding and Naming Ceremonies

Most of us want to mark the important events and relationships in our lives. For those of us with no religious belief it’s important that we can mark these occasions with honesty, warmth and affection, using words and music that are personal and appropriate.  Whether formal, or informal, inside or out of doors, a humanist ceremony, written individually for those involved, allows couples wishing to marry and parents of children, to do just that.  They are happy and wonderful occasions that relate to everyone, focusing on the values that we all share as human beings.

Humanist Wedding Ceremonies

Humanist Wedding CeremonyAt a Humanist wedding the couple has the opportunity to declare publicly their love for each other and their aspirations for their future together. They can make this commitment among their family and friends in a meaningful and significant ceremony that is written, composed and conducted for them by a Humanist Celebrant.

The Humanist Wedding is distinctive – it is non-religious and focuses on human values, whilst at the same time giving expression to the couple’s own personalities....

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Humanist Naming Ceremonies

Humanist Naming CeremonyFor most of us, the experience of becoming parents is an incredible and joyous thing worthy of celebration!

Humanist naming or welcoming ceremonies allow parents the opportunity to share their joy and to express their love and commitment to their child with those close to them.

It is a non-religious ceremony which brings friends and relatives together to greet the new arrival, whilst at the same time underlining the importance of the event....

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